Thursday, March 1, 2012


OK, OK, I's been almost a month since I have posted anything. I can justify it though because school has been all consuming (in a good way) and nothing super interesting has happened to me...I'm more or less just working really hard on school stuff, my wonderful MAMC peeps will agree about the work load! So here is an update on the past...well...month. I apologize and won't let it happen again. If you wonderful people are taking the time to read about my adventures I need to make sure I give you something to read about...also I got a lot of pressure from my Mom. Thanks Lulu!

So I turned 23 on February 20th! I celebrated with my friends on the 18th because we had school on my actual birthday! I spent the day buying myself birthday presents at Westfield London. The only way to describe Westfield is to refer to it as the mother ship...well my mother ship! It is this MASSIVE shopping complex/mall in Shepherd's Bush in West London. It is about a 15 minute bus ride from my flat...which is both convenient and dangerous for me. It is much closer than Oxford/Regents Street and Kensington High Street, making it that much easier and faster for me to get to my favorite stores. I walked in on the side of the complex where all of the designer stores are. They are all in a semi circle with this GORGEOUS Champagne bar in the center of them. I almost cried. I was so overwhelmed and happy. I have to say it even beats Somerset in Troy and the 900 Shops in Chicago...which I never thought was possible. I tried to find a picture of the interior to post here but they were all super I recommend just checking out the website. I also received beautiful flowers from my parents and sister and enjoyed some sweet treats from Patisserie Valerie.

In the past few weeks I have been able to enjoy London nightlife. I have spent a bit of time at the bars & clubs in Covent Garden and Leicester Square, and the unofficially MAMC bar in Marylebone. Some great places include Roadhouse & Zoo Bar. We went to Roadhouse for a friends Birthday, arrived early enough for happy hour and stayed and danced the night away. Roadhouse is a retro American themed bar in Covent Garden. I loved that they had a live band, who played great music (mostly rock).

For my birthday we headed to Zoo Bar in Leicester Square. They have two floors and about 5 or 6 different rooms/bars. Each room has a different music genre playing including Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Classic Rock. We spent most of our time dancing to the Pop and Classic Rock jams! Also, a few weeks ago the module leaders from the MA Marketing Communications program held a little get together at the Met Bar in Marylebone. It was both MAMC classes, all of the module leaders, and a bar tab covered by the school....nicely done UofW!

This past Sunday I headed over to Camden Town and enjoyed Camden Market, which happens every Sunday and has great pop-up shops and food stalls. Camden is a very funky, alternative area of London with a lot of young people, great food, and crazy stores. I met up with my friend Pooja and we ate our way through the market. They have AMAZING food stands on Sundays and I cannot wait to go back!

Camden Lock

Enjoying Sangria and Dolmades!

Dutch Dunkers - Warm mini pancakes with Nutella!

Pooja & I enjoying the food market!

The Stables! Shopping area filled with Vintage clothes and antiques!

I promise to update my blog more often, and I also promise to have a more interesting life here in London. I spend most of my time at school and have yet to see a lot of this great city! I am very used to living here now...the culture shock has worn off and it is now just the city in which I live!

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  1. Love your posts so much! I am really living vicariously through them. Those Dutch Dunkers look like something Hannah would love. We are snowed in with your folks, Jacob and Kate right now. Wish I could think of a way to sneak into your mom's suitcase and come with them in April!