Sunday, January 15, 2012

Culture Kinda

I have had a very tiring but exciting week. The MarCom (fancy abbreviation, I know) students went through six days of orientation, including Saturday! We had some fantastic lecturers who have some of the most impressive resumes I have ever seen. Many of them were VP's and executives of organizations like Unilever, Shell Oil, Coca-Cola, etc. There was never a moment during their lectures when I was bored or not interested, which I believe is a great start to the program. We start real classes tomorrow and have each module one day a week for three hours, which is half lecture and half seminar, where we are broken into two smaller groups for discussion, case studies, etc. I absolutely feel as though I choose the right program. The difference between the MarCom M.A and a regular Marketing Masters Degree as that we are taught to work in an agency setting, and not as a marketer for other organizations. This course is very much driven by creativity, we will be the ones to pitch marketing strategies, advertising strategies, public relations strategies, etc. to the organizations in which we were hired as a outside consultants. I am very excited to get going on the courses!

Facade of The British Museum
I started my British cultural education on Friday evening with a trip to The British Museum. It is such a beautiful building I could have spent the evening drinking tea of the outside stairs, but I figured I should head inside. I love the interior of Museums, they are so big with incredible architecture, but are also very quiet, allowing those who pass through to take in everything offered.  A couple of friends and I spent about an hour and a half wandering through Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. One of my friends is from Athens and had a lot of great insight into the history of some of the important pieces. For example, the pieces of the Parthenon on display were actually stolen and brought back to the Museum 300 years ago. It is still a debate today about the rightful owners of the pieces. 

Interior of The British Museum

I have been very lucky with the weather so far! It has been almost 50 degrees everyday and mostly sunny, although I hear we are going to have the typical London weather next week with a couple rainy days. I am heading to Notting Hill today to explore the famous Portobello Road. Hope you all have had a wonderful week and are enjoying (kind of) the snow!

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