Saturday, January 7, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Hello All,

It was a beautiful day in London today, about 50 degrees and sunny! I am settled into my little flat and have even taken some pictures to show you all! Here is my little humble home for the next six months.
Here is my cute little kitchen! It has a stove top, microwave, sink, small fridge and lots of cabinet space!

Here is my bedroom! I have a twin bed, a closet, and a desk! It's the perfect size with just enough room! 

This is my desk, which is huge! I didn't bring enough stuff with me for it to look put together. It is all lovely Ikea furniture.

Here is my closet all put together. Everything fits perfectly! I am excited for this place to feel a little bit more like home, it needs a few things though, it's still pretty empty. 

Today I jumped on the tube at Ladbroke Grove in Notting Hill and went over to see my school. It's a very easy commute...about a 10 minute walk to the tube and then 15 minutes on the City line takes me right to Baker Street where the Westminster Business School is located. I walked around for about an hour and explored the area and then jumped back on the tube towards home. It got a little chilly once the sun went down (which was about 4:00 pm) so I did a little bit more grocery shopping and headed home. Tomorrow I am going to hit up Kensington High Street and Knightsbridge to get my shop on, then head over to Hyde Park to frolic and work on my skipping technique....Jim Pixley, you better practice too, we will have skipping battles when you are here in April! Hope everyone is doing well and thank you for taking an interest in my London adventure, I promise it will get more interesting soon!

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