Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sicky Icky

This week has been a little tough! I spent most of the week in bed with the flu, had to miss a few classes, and felt really about a GREAT first impression to my classmates. It is hard to be sick and so far away from family....when I was in Grand Rapids and was sick I could at least call and complain to my mom every 15 minutes...this different time zone thing does not help very well with that. I am not very proactive when I am sick and usually don't do anything to help make myself better. I would always get reminders from my parents saying "Did you take Tylenol?" "Did you have something to eat?" "Did you take a nap?" I didn't really do any of those this week, I kind of just sat in my room and felt sorry for myself...then a good chat with Jimbo (my dad) whipped me into shape. He called me a big baby, and yes I was being a big baby! So today I made up for my sickly, whiny ways. I jumped on the bus with the intention of going for a walk in Hyde Park, when I saw this cafe outside the bus window called Patisserie Valerie, which was recommended to me by a friend in Chicago (Thanks Steve!). I got off the bus at the next stop and went inside for a strawberry yummy french cake thing and a latte. They were both delicious but next time I will actually have a meal instead of dessert for lunch, which I know will happen because it is right across the street from where my parents are staying when they visit. YAY!

Patisserie Valerie

Strawberry Gateaux

Following my lunch I walked down Edgware Road to Oxford Street and explored a couple of stores. Now, I have to say London does fashion way better than the States when it comes to reasonably priced items. I checked out Dorothy Perkins and Next and loved how everything was super stylish and super reasonable. It makes sense though since most of the fashion trends in the United States start in Europe. Also, stores here are much more willing to provide discounts for students. I received 25% off at both stores for showing my student id, which trumps the 10% off I usually receive at every store in the states. I then walked over to Selfridges and explored the accessories/ beauty floor...which was magical. I love department stores...for me the happiest place on earth is the shoe/beauty/accessories floor of Nordstrom, not Disney World. I then walked over to Marble Arch and through Hyde Park for a little bit, but headed home around 4:30 because I was getting very tired and wasn't feeling well. I have a 4 day weekend this week because one of my professors is in Brazil for business and cancelled class today. I am excited to explore a little more this weekend and also get to work on some of my projects for school. I am really enjoying my classes, professors, and classmates! I know we are all going to accomplish some great things! Until next time, happy weekend everyone!

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